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"OKLAHOMA, HAIL!" the Alma Mater song of the University of Oklahoma is less familiar than the exciting, time-honored "Boomer Sooner" or the more recent "O.U. Chant" which have been sung at home games and elsewhere for many years. Our Alma Mater song has fallen into disuse.

The beautiful Alma Mater tune continued to ring out from the belltower at the student union every day at Noon to delight the students and faculty alike. The tune is a Welch air, commonly sung as "Men of Harlech". This version can be heard in the 1964 English movie "Zulu" starring Michael Caine.

However, by the 1970s, the full words and music of the Alma Mater could only be heard in the upstairs jukebox at the old Across The Street tavern. A collegiate chorus and orchestra had made a record of our Alma Mater, and a copy had somehow strayed just off campus.

Calling around campus recently, no one seemed to remember that we had an Alma Mater. Finally, "The Pride of Oklahoma" band receptionist referred the caller to the Music Library. The Music Library was ready, willing and able to supply the sheet music for our venerable Alma Mater, "OKLAHOMA, HAIL!" without hesitation. Bless 'em!

At this website, a page with the lyrics and a "midi"recording of the tune are available for you to download. The "midi" file is in the public domain and available without copyright infringment. Enjoy!

(Thanks to "SoonerSports.com" for the links to explain "Boomer Sooner" and "O. U. Chant")

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