OKLAHOMA HAIL! - The O.U. Alma Mater

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Evans Hall at Night

Lyrics by Louise B. Adams
Sung to Welch Air, "Men of Harlach"

[First Verse]
From the hillsides, from the prairies,
Comes a song that never wearies
Loyalty that never varies.
Oklahoma, hail!

Ivied walls and stately towers,
Campus fair 'neath sun or showers,
All the love we bear thee flowers
And will never fail.

Shout the chorus loudly
Bear the emblem proudly
Army vast, we march at last
And lift our voices stoutly.

On we march for Alma Mater,
On we march nor ever falter
Singing loud, each son and daughter,
Oklahoma, hail!

[Second Verse]
From the gracious font of learning,
We will quench our thirst so burning
Kindly Mother to thee turning.
Oklahoma, hail!

Wisdom brought from out the ages,
Truths of saints and laws of sages
Ours to take from glitt'ring pages,
Never growing stale.


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