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LABORE ET CONSTANTIA - from a building in Antwerp: The Plantin-Moretus Museum, called De Gulden Passer

Our four awards are presented for excellence, each has its own criteria. Please read the criteria for each before applying.

Only one application is required to apply for all of these awards; each application is automatically considered for all of them.

Also, there is NO guestbook requirement because there is NO GUESTBOOK!

Further, no link to any website or URL is required. But winners must display the awards graphic on their website or it will be revoked.

ALL applications will be considered within one week, and applicants will be notified as soon as their websites have been considered. HOWEVER, because of recent attempts by pronographic websites to increase their volume of "hits" by applying for awards, websites containing pornographic material will not be visited nor will their applications be given a response.

If a website does not receive one of our awards, within one week after notification, the disappointed webmaster may request that the Website Designer send a brotherly, constructive critique. Critiques of websites that do not win will only be provided by special request and will not guarantee an award upon reapplication.

The Website Designer will review all of the applications and visit each site, and if all of the listed criteria for an award(s) are met or exceeded, the site will be granted that award(s). By the way, for checking technical merit, we use GlobalScape NetMechanic to help examine websites.

And if a website does not comply with the criteria for our awards, no matter how many awards it already has of whatever rating, it will NOT win our awards. So, we heartily suggest that applicants read and understand the criteria for each award before applying.

Special Notice: No applications will be considered coming from anyone under the age of 18 years old. KISS Websites awards programs comply in all respects with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Please note: Several winners each year have had their awards revoked because they did not display the awards. If you do not intend to display the awards, do not apply. Also, links to sites which are inoperative and have not been updated may be removed.

Please also read our Our Mission and Philosophy before applying.

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