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Note: Prior to 2006, these awards were not dated.


The winners for October 15 through December 31
in alphabetical order:

BoingDragon's Lair animated counters
HELICÓPTEROS, THE PAGE All about obsession with helicopters (in Spanish)
Home & Hearth A kinder, gentler world of faith and family
U.S. Wings One of the best commercial sites, great clothes


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in alphabetical order:

Abney Catahoulas & Canine Training Offering information on Catahoulas, and free training advice
Alberto Paronetto Home Page Beautiful personal site, masonic related
Anti-Masonry: Points of View A look at anti-masonry and freemasonry both historic and current
Artberger Labradors Visst är hundar fantastiska! (in Swedish and English)
Artis Thames Coffee-House A true artist in every sense, a graphic wonder
Back to The Past Family history site with love
Bartow Police Department Cyber Connection Official police website for Bartow, Florida
Bernadette Hurley, artist - EmeraldIsle Studio Gallery of portraits
Bits o' History A great resource page for students of history
Bridgeport Masonic Lodge #181 F & AM A lodge site with a treasure of quotes, etc.
Cedar Lodge AF&AM No. 270 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (Established in 1872)
Centrum voor Psychotronische Studies en Onderzoeken ...naar paranormale fenomenen (in Dutch)
Crochet & Shopping Mall How to video, free patterns pages, specialty stores & more
Denver Masonic Family Great graphics and economical use of html
Eagle Creek Publishers An independent publisher of nonfiction and an excellent website
Freemasonry in Israel An information site (in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and others)
French FreeMasonry - Franc-Maçonnerie Française Information and research (in French and English)
Grand Lodge of Arkansas F&AM Homepage for the Grand Lodge Of Arkansas, F&AM
Grand Lodge of New York F&AM Freemasonry in New York
Grand Lodge of South Africa The official website of the Grand Lodge of South Africa
Grand Lodge of Texas The official website of the Grand Lodge of Texas
H. P. Lovecraft Archives Excellent literary history site
Home of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group/Jack Flash's Homepage A compassionate dog site
Image Composer tips and pictures Instructions for advanced image composers (in French & English)
Institute for Astroenergetic Studies Buddhist site for the new age
Iowa Third Cavalry Homepage A great historical site with information for Civil War researchers
J. Lauri's Place Personal site with advice for writers and editors
John W. Young - American & International Hero Tribute to an astronaut
Kanaka Hale in Korea Hawaiian-style site for Hawaiians adrift in Korea and everyone to enjoy
Kathi's MacKafé Many fine, original graphics
Lakota Honoring the Lakota people and their spirituality (in Spanish and English)
Late Matured Earth by Chang Chiao-Ling Original poetry (in Chinese and English)
The Mad Hand An art & design firm of many mansions, a place of mad beauty
METAPHYSICAL PAINTINGS by Julio Mateo Well-executed gallery of modern art
The Michael O'Neal Singers Home page of a symphonic chorus - beautiful, and the music is great!
National Sojourners, Inc. Official Homepage military freemasonry - a patriotic website
Nazareth Blue Eagle Marching Band The best band in the land
The Nelsons Official website endorsed by The Nelsons, great rockabilly!!
Newark, NJ Police Department Official Website A very user-friendly and helpful government site
Newell Volunteer Fire Department Great local website in North Carolina
North Shore Circuit Design Outstanding electronics engineering firm
Official Kresky Home Page A fond parody of the TV detective genre and obsessive fan tribute sites
Official Home of National Sojourners, Inc. A military masonic society with a beautiful website
One Aerospace Commercial Aircraft Various commercial transport jet services and a well-designed site
Oud Home Page the Middle-Eastern lute, oud (sometimes spelled as ud)
Petal Perfect iDesign - the art of simplicity in everything you do on the Internet
Psychology Online Resource Central Entertaining resources for psychology students
Quality Trading Company Quality Products from Around the World
ReNATssance Art An educational resource on the history of art - beautiful
Resp.·. Log.·. Hermogenes del Canto Nº 132 Valdivia - CHILE Masonic lodge homepage (in Spanish)
Resp:.Log:. Tomas Cipriano De Mosquera No. 9 Masonic lodge homepage from Columbia (in Spanish)
Rod's Photo Gallery Photos of lighthouses &c., with a brief history & description of each subject
Scars & Roses A collection of the poetry of Janet I. Buck - Extraordinary!
Sho's revised USFDons homepage Fansite for university basketball
Southern Fried Chuckles A sense of humor and a whole lot of heart
Steen's Hjemmeside her kan du finde en gode Hjemmeside (homepage)(in Danish)
Surf City - Freemasonry on the Internet An index by the "dean" of masonic websites
TACTICS Private Investigations A real Private Investigations firm since 1946
Teddy's Masonic Page An outstanding personal masonic website (in Spanish and English)
Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood Vietnam War Veterans Site
Torrione Castle Lodge of Research No. 34 Informative masonic site
United States Air Force Heritage of America Band Outstanding band, outstanding site
United States Army Insignia A military history site with useful graphics
WarmEmbers' Words In Symphony Original poetry and the original compositions
WAEPART Portfolio of the German photographer and designer Wolfgang Peter (in German)
Website Awards Home of the Awards Worksheet and Superb! Awards-a great free resource
West Milton Lodge 577 F.&A.M. One of the best individual masonic lodge sites
Who's Doctor Who? An in-depth "biography" based on the cult classic BBC-TV sci-fi series
Willow Mist Holt A role playing site with outstanding graphics and design
X-PLOSIVE web-design Design and web services firm - impressive! (in German and English)
Yemen Explorer Tours Yemen, travel and tourism
Zenegata's Ryokan "Guests" enter a Japanese inn ("ryokan")


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

La Regia Marina History site about the Italian Navy in W.W.II (in Italian and English)
Twilight's Place Educating parents about the dangers involving school bus transportation
The World of Chinese Tea A site designed to expose everyone to Chinese tea and culture
Unity Lodge #130 - Winding Stairs A beautiful, calm and informative masonic site
Welcome to BREC! The Baton Rouge (LA) Recreation and Park Commission
DandieOnline - Dandie Dinmont Terriers A great information and entertainment site
UCCB Coronation Street Gang The University College of Cape Breton fan club
Films of Natasha Lyonne and Edward Furlong A fan site
Toledo-Bend.Com information on Toledo Bend Lake of Texas and Louisiana
Freemasonry - From Darkness to Light A personal website (check out the library!)
My Scotland A personal page about Scottish heritage and Clan Baird
The Novel Enterprise A comprehensive guide to the Star Trek novels; it's also fun just to browse.
Barbara Tampieri Home Page A site more like an art gallery with permanent and monthly exhibitions
YURI - ART Interior design firm's art, entertainment and business site (in Spanish and English)
Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West, Florida Food history, menus, recipes, and more
The Authorized Graham Nash Site includes a multi-lingual awards program
UBB Developers Network A young vibrant community of web developers and graphic artists
The Las Vegas Shriners Zelzah Shrine A.A.O.N.M.S.
Drake's Masonic Web Site A personal site


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Webmaster Central Site offers tools and help for webmasters
Native Fish Australia Informational and scientific site
eGiftReminders Free Calendar and Reminder Service
Perfectory Galleries of art, literature, and music
The Spas Directory Find a British spa or health resort
The Singing Voice Information on the human voice, opera and the art of singing
Massachusetts Turtle Rescue Dedicated to the conservation of turtles etc.
Aire Puccini Site dedicated to Giacomo Puccini and his music (in Spanish)
A Visit to Old Los Angeles and Environs via postcards of the era 1900-1920
Dubravka Jovicic Official Site world famous pianist
Velike lože Hrvatske Grand Lodge of Croatia Official website
Pam’s Paintings Gallery website
The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina The Official Webpage
Food Reference Website Articles on food history and a lot more
The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons A site about women's freemasonry in the UK
Dream Planet Information about dreaming (in German) Site dedicated to the Delta Force gaming community
Old Egypt Planet Information about Ancient Egypt (in Dutch)
Maple Leaf Masonic Lodge No. 147 F&AM Official Website
Worldworx Information portals
Connetquot Lodge No. 838 of Sayville, New York Official Website
Nikola Kitanovic poet, novelist, fashion and web designer, present his work, life, and maybe more...
Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau Official website in Washington State
SWART The digital art and design of Serge Winck (in English and Portuguese)
JavaScript - The complete gateway An outstanding instructional website


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

East Trinity Masonic Lodge No. 157 in Rockwall, Texas - Official website
King Edward Lodge No. 93 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Web Design 2000 An Italian awards program website (in Italian, Spanish and English)
James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door a personal business website for a "professional speaker, author & technologist"
william j. martin architect professional services commercial website
Safe Haven A site for survivors of sexual abuse and/or rape.
LitWare An interactive resource to help adults/older children improve their reading and literacy skills
Pete's Page A personal page of varied interests
I castelli dell'Alta Valle Scrivia Architecture and history of ancient castles (in Italian)
Witheridge, A Gateway to the Two Moors Way An English community website
Lin's Webmaster Resources A resource site for webmasters with free graphics and page-building tutorials
Ulla's Site A personal homepage with free music, applets, and more
Mothers of Addicts UNITED Support site for parents or others
Operation Letters To Santa The ultimate Christmas site
Bases... A site about the work of 19th Century Argentine philosopher, Juan Bautista Alberdi (in Spanish)
Offshore Pictures Photographs of offshore oil rigs and the vessels that work alongside them.
lattitudeLOFTYVEG "The destinations of an arrogant vegetarian."
Argus Lodge No. 545 in Canfield, Ohio - Official Website
Wales: Home of the Red Dragon Wales, its castles and much more.
Golden Trowel Lodge No. 273 in Norwalk, California
Marseille Prospective Lions Club serving the community in Marseilles (Provence, South France)
Hanlon Homepage geneology and more
Disciples : Dark Prophecy A beautiful games website [in both English and French]
Avalon Graphic Design Online web design studio
Rhonda's Expressions not your average, everyday personal homepage
LinkFerret An Ethernet packet sniffer and protocol analyzer for Windows-based systems
Murrells Inlet Lodge No. 368 in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
THE FLORIDA MASON (e-zine) Official publication of the Grand Lodge of Florida
CSXs KP Sub in HO Scale A model railroad based on CSX's Kingsport subdivision.


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Alkire Web Design A website design company
Carlson's Courier A site for music students and their parents.
Sprucedell Labradors A website for dog breeders
Bestphotos Vietnam Gallery A professional photo gallery dedicated to Vietnam and its people and culture
Golden Trowel Lodge No. 273 in Norwalk, California
The Helical Library A website for fantasy readers or writers
Heppo World A magical place where all the Heppo's live...Another look at Hepatitis C
Mindless Perfection CV-X95 web design tools and other internet resources
Webmasters Portal Free content,tools,software,law center,and tutorials Architecture firm in Houston, Texas
PicsNTrics Digital and photo art site
Nikesh Official website featuring his books, translations etc.
THE FLORIDA MASON Official publication (e-zine) of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Florida Television station with local news, sports, etc. in southern Washington State
Daniele Jaquillard, Voyages to the singular A contemporary French Painter
Lagoon View Yacht Club Non-profit fraternal boating association in Waretown, New Jersey
Uruguay - An information site (in English and Spanish)
BigEye Siteport! A small portal of information about Portugal, my city, my work, etc.
Jetzone 2000 Aviation photography
Darchangels deconstructing the new age myth
Angelflyers A leading Club and Rave Memorabilia Provider
1876 Victorian England Revisited A time travel site


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Tim's Spider Corner An educational site for all spiders
BV.Lindenheuvel A site about the noble art of the billiards
About Korea Web Master's art work and graphic design and photos
Robatelie An artist's corner.
Miguel Reyes Sanchez Writer from the Dominican Republic
Design Forward / Sustainable Designs an architectural design firm
Seacology a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization
Dive Vietnam professional diving tours
New Idea Trade Global forum for buying and selling ideas
The Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves A family history and genealogy site.
Anne Alexander, soprano A promotional and biographical site.
Fidelity Lodge #113, Ridgewood, NJ Official website
Joe Kohl: Cartoonist/Illustrator Official website


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Lincoln District Scout Band Official site
FREEMASONRY for The Next Generation (e-Zine)
through my eyes a web site about photography in southeast asia
B.W.D.A. Web design award program
Cockatiel World An informative and educational insight into the world of the Cockatiel
Artist Lucia Babjakova A galley of paintings by and information about the artist
Utterly Pointless Waste time in style with guides to loitering, wandering bantering and many more
Firestarter Pyrography An artist specialising in burning design onto wood & leather
Design Guru Varia Design Institute, Graphic and Fashion Design Training
Liza Kliko`s official website contains the singer`s lyrics, photos, and artworks
Machiavelli A site about "The Prince", the most important work of Niccolò Machiavelli (1469 - 1527)
The History of Laurel Wreath An educational website about this tradition
Gene & Linda G's A truly outstanding family site
The Ol' Hook & Eye A Website on the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad
Chenoa German Shepherds training and competing dogs since 1989.
Pelaqita Persians A CFA & TICA registered cattery
NATAYADA An outstanding personal website
Arcanelife A personal hobby website
Liza Kliko's digital artworks Liza Kliko's portfolio
Lookinglass Works Visionary & Spiritual Art Artwork and fiction by Lauren Halkon


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Seven Oaks Lodge U.D. Masonic Lodge in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 1/14/06
The Crystal Award Program A beautiful, simply-constructed awards site - 1/21/06
Salamanders Young Burn Survivors Website gives information on burns and first aid plus a contact base for burn survivors - 1/26/06
Timelines You see developments during the time of humans, et al. - 1/30/06
Bullygraphics Bull Terrier Site with Free Wallpaper and more. - 2/2/06
AS Support Group Online Asperger's Syndrome Support - 2/26/06
Jack A. Neal, Photographer A virtual gallery - 3/11/06
JerryD's Site Awards, freebies and tools - 3/22/06
Poetic Soul Poetry, Art Gallery, and more - 5/16/06
Horse Deliverance Voluntary refined sporthorse training and more - 5/28/06
Mathews United Methodist Church On-line The electronic home of Mathews United Methodist Church in Greenwood, South Carolina - 6/5/06
Turmoil Leads to Hope A site which helps victims of tragedy and abuse. - 6-30-06
The Caronia II Timeline charting the glittering career of Cunard's world-famous 'Green Goddess' the RMS Caronia - 7/3/06
Model Railroading by Bill Parisi "Island Valley Railroad" hi-rail model railroad layout- 8/14/06
Spiral Pixel Web Development & Design services for all of your creative needs - 9/30/06
Door County Navigator For Door County, Wisconsin (USA) In-person reviews of inns, etc. - 10/8/06
War of Wits Publishing Ltd offers the most authentic fiction and nonfiction books, on spies, spying, espionage and CIA covert operations - 10/19/06
Bone and Stone A digital philatelic exhibit using postal materials to tell the story of prehistoric man, specifically, the Neanderthal - 11/3/06


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery Personal collection of over 1700 world banknotes - 1/3/07
Wing Chun Kung Fu An insight into the world of a simple yet sophisticated martial art - 1/19/07
ANDEGRAF Studio Professional graphic design by Anton Dechev - 2/16/07
It's Wishcraft!!! cats, horses, Bewitched and Australia: fun stories, etc. - 2/22/07
Marcella's Pen Calligraphy Commercial website showcasing calligraphy - 2/23/07
Katarzyna Zelaska, a Contemporary Abstract Painter Artworks and Exhibitions - 3/17/07
Waidangong Introduction also known as Waitankung, is a kind of Chinese Qi Gong Exercise - 6/1/07
Hotel Kurfuerst Kamp the Hotel- Restaurant Kurfuerst with the historical guest house San Augustin - 6/5/07
Texas Arrowheads and Indian Artifacts - 6/5/07
The Johannes Branch of the Fite Family from 1749 to the present - 6/25/07
Reason to Rock An online book on the aesthetics of Rock music - 7/1/07
Ewephoric! Dorset Sheep and Gifts Informational site for sheep enthusiasts - 7/7/07
McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy The site is about McCartney genealogy - 8/12/07
NCWEB-DESIGN Affordable, Reliable Web Design - 10/2/07
ChamownersWeb provides husbandry techniques for keepers of Old World Chameleons - 12/2/07


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

World Paper Currency Gallery Site contains over 2000 front and back images of paper currency of over 300 countries of the world - 1/25/08
Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic Extraordinary personal website -- 3/17/08
Flash by Z An online photo gallery featuring the Possum Kingdom Lake area -- 3/21/08 A searchable directory of quality family safe website links -- 4/22/08
Kit do Sucesso A site in Portuguese with many books, gifts, hundreds of e-Books for free. -- 5/4/08
Alice PANDORA A personnal site in English and Portuguese with angels,and other free graphics. -- 6/14/08
AAA Merchandiser Online store and shopping mall - 6/22/08
Carpe Diem Award Program recognizes the accomplishments of web masters - 6/25/08
Randal's Sanctuary Randal A. Burd, Jr. is a writer and a teacher, and this is his personal website - 12/19/08


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Sons of Norway Vennekretsen Lodge No. 3-678 Atlanta, Georgia - 1/4/09
The Minnesota Territorial Pioneers An organization of descendants before it became a state - 1/5/09
napoleon-empire Chronology of the Napoleonic epic (in French) - 5/25/09
Human Future Evolution A scientific and speculative website about the future - 7/26/09
NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn A tribute to an artist and poet - 10/24/09


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

The Extended Craxford Family Genealogy Magazine An e-zine - 1/30/10
Rhode Island Government Official State Government Website - 2/7/10
O.N.Z.C.D.A. Stand-alone awards program website - 4/27/10
The Toledo-Bend Gallery has a vast array of nature photos - 7/23/10
Baby Names and Meanings Choose the perfect name for baby - 7/17/10
Ancestral Archives direct ancestral lines for over 140 surnames - 12/27/10


The winners for January 1 through December 31
in order of award date:

Puppy Linux FAQ Devoted to helping people learn to use Puppy Linux - 04/30/11

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