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Updated Scoring Criteria for The Year 2010!
(Effective January 1, 2010)

This award is presented by Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites to encourage simplicity and elegance in website design: Design devoted to enhancing the content of the site, and content designed to enlighten those who use the internet.

There are eight (8) Automatic Disqualifying Criteria and three (3) Scoring Criteria. A perfect score of 30 is possible. Only those sites scoring 25 to 30 points will receive the "Labore &c. Praemium." Those receiving a lesser score or those disqualified by the Automatic Disqualifying Criteria will still be considered for our other awards, (except porno, adults-only and hate sites). All applications will be considered for all of our awards. However, each Award has its own criteria, so please read each carefully.

First and foremost are the eight (6) Automatic Disqualifying Criteria (do not bother to apply):

candle 1. NO PORNOGRAPHIC, "ADULTS-ONLY" OR "HATE" SITES WILL BE CONSIDERED: Websites of all types, including literary, artistic and educational sites are encouraged to apply for this award. But no porno, "adults-only" or "hate" sites need apply.

candle 2. YOU MUST HAVE A FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS OR INDEX FOR YOUR AWARDS PAGES: You may see an example of this at the KISS Websites Awards Pages or Offshore Pictures. Listing awards in groups, such as for recognition by Awards Sites! ratings, is also acceptable.

candle 3. DOWNLOAD PAGES IN 60 SECONDS OR LESS: All of each page must be downloaded in 60 seconds at 52 kbps.

candle 4. NO OR FEW SPELLING OR GRAMMAR ERRORS: English is not required, but the accepted conventions of the language or languages used for the website must be properly followed.

candle 5. NO OR FEW POP-UPS, BANNERS, FRAMES, ETC: All frames, images, icons, JAVA, etc. must be directly related to the content and must download in a minimum of time and to be useful to visitors who may not have state-of-art equipment.

candle 6. NO TEXT HITTING THE SIDES OF THE PAGE OR HORIZONTAL SPACE BARS AT 800x600 PIXELS: One exception here is made for websites on a server that insists on inserting a banner that is too wide for 800X600.

candle 8. NO RESTRICTED ACCESS OR "MEMBERS ONLY" PAGES: There is no way to judge the content of such pages.

Next are the three (3) Scoring Criteria (30 possible points):

candle 1. OUTSTANDING CONTENT ADDING SOMETHING WORTHWHILE TO THE INFORMATION OR ENTERTAINMENT ON THE INTERNET: The website must be more than just the same old homepage, links pages or corporate advertisement. This is admittedly somewhat subjective, but the more information or entertainment, the better the score. (10 points)

candle 2. WELL-WRITTEN HTML: There must be few HTML coding errors, bad links (although bad links caused by websites that have dropped off of the net or other reasons beyond your control will not count) or browser compatibility problems, or other errors as found by GlobalScape NetMechanic, or by the KISS Websites judge or judges. Zero errors equals 10 points and each 3 errors will subtract a point. (10 points)

candle 3. SIMPLE, ELEGANT GRAPHICS AND FONTS: Pleasant, well-presented graphics and fonts are expected. The overall visual presentation should demonstrate that "less is more". Once again, this is somewhat subjective, but graphics or fonts that detract from the information or entertainment presented in the website will result in fewer points. (10 points)

Only those sites scoring 25-30 points will win the "Labore &c. Praemium."

Those sites not receiving the "Labore &c. Award" will still be considered for our other awards, if the content falls into the following three (3) catagories:

candle 1. Masonic websites will also be considered for our "Geo. Washington Past Master Award."

candle 2. Police, fire fighter and emergency medical services websites will also be considered for our "Red Light Blue Light Award of Merit."

candle 3. Sites with original literary content will also be considered for our "H. G. Wells Award for Literary Excellence."

Although others may participate in the judging process, especially in judging non-English language sites, the decision of the Website Designer will be final and is not open for discussion.

This award is sometimes offered by the Website Designer as qualifying sites are encountered during normal internet activity, but all awards are given only after filing an application, and unsolicited submissions are welcome. Applicants are not required or even encouraged to sign a guestbook (we do not have one!).

Also, if this award is given, there is no requirement to link back to this site, although this is customary. However, OUR AWARD MUST BE DISPLAYED ON THE WINNING SITE or the award will be WITHDRAWN and the website STRICKEN from the list of winners! Also, links to sites which are inoperative and have not been updated will be removed as they are encountered.

To submit a website for consideration, fill out the Award Submission Form or email the Website Designer with the URL code, site name, owner's name and owner's email address. Submission does not guarantee an award, and while all submissions will be acknowledged, critiques of websites that do not win will only be provided by special request and will not guarantee an award upon reapplication.


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